Nearshore  IT Services


We have facilities to be right next to our clients from America. Our sales offices in America and delivery centers in México make it possible to deliver Nearshore IT outsourcing services within a 0 to 4 hour time shift range anywhere in the USA.

This optimized geographic and time proximity allow reasonable travel journeys for clients to visit their delivery center and at least 4 working hours in common, with Selever&Tasisoft as a true global Nearshoring partner to companies on America.


  • • We keep watching and exploring expansion opportunities from several perspectives:
  • • Quality of higher education and availability of workforce: to ensure fast and sustainable recruitment of highly qualified human resources.
  • • Geographical closeness: to limit timeshift and keep travel time and expenses as low as possible.
  • • Political, social, economical stability: to benefit from a secure and mature business environment.
  • • Local culture and language skills: to ensure smooth communication and high-performance collaboration with employees that speak your language.
  • • Overall cost-effectiveness of the environment: evolution of salary levels, real estate prices to ensure sustainable development of our activities with the best possible quality/price ratio in service provision.
  • • Cutting-edge infrastructure: quality internet connection, roads and proximity with international airports to ensure the best possible working conditions

Why Nearshore Outsourcing with Selever&Tasisoft?

Cost Competitive

Lower total Project cost: Turnover, productivity, travel expenses, visa quotes, etc.

But maybe the most significant benefit is to Reduced Operating Costs.

Having the option to hire employees with lower wages will have a major impact on a company’s operating cost.

Wages of Nearshore employees are substantially lower than U.S. wages, but with the benefit of having quality employees with high proficiency in English communication.

As a Nearshore destination, Mexico, for example, has being able to give substantial cost savings to U.S customers with qualified IT specialists.


Nearshore locations, by definition, are closer to the United States. This means travel time and costs are dramatically reduced.

Most companies have a Project Manager and numerous personnel that visit the development center multiple times a year, or requires an having an IT consultant travel to the company.

Many of them have chosen India and the Philippines, which takes an 16-18 hours flight, with high travel expenses, not to consider the physical wear.

On the other hand, having a Nearshore to location will help reduce travel time and expenses, but most important, it will make your employees happier.

Time Zone Proximity

With Similar time-zones allowed companies to have interaction in real time, allowing more complex types of projects to be done nearshore.IT Specialists operating in real-time interaction with your Company.

With Similar time-zones, companies can have simultaneous interactions, allowing more complex types of projects to be done in shorter times.

Strong Cultural Affinity with U.S.

Different countries will always have different cultures and lifestyles.

With many Nearshore locations, cultural differences are reduced and cultural affinity increases. Having the U.S. closer, many residents and their families travel more often or even attend school in the U.S.

Reduction of IT services complexity

Ensure that IT operation remains uninterrupted by combining the skills and knowledge of two or more people, creating diversity, flexibility, best practices, and greater potential for achievement.

Having Nearshore employees as your primary IT Services, app developer, IT support services, or back office workforce can be more reliable compared to U.S. agents, or even with traditional outsourcing companies.

Why? Because these employees really WANT these jobs!

So you can get really good, enthusiastic and qualified employees working for you, who don’t turn over (attrition) and again… at a lower costs, together with a the Nearshore company that delivers best practices and infrastructure, in order to provide the best benefits for you. Consolidate the portfolio of new and legacy applications into a single team.

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