Quality Assurance Services  (Testing Services)

The Software Testing Service evaluates an attribute or capability of a program or system (Quality Requirements) and confirms that this meets the expected results (Functional Requirements), by following a methodology, processes, and special tools during the software development.

Selever-Tasisoft delivers integrated or stand-alone QA services to customers ranging from startups to large established companies. We ensure the highest quality of our software development and mobile development deliverables.

Selever-Tasisoft has improved QA strategy and methodology which are mixed to perfection into the development lifecycle without crossing the important boundary between the development and software quality assurance processes.

Just like all other Selever-Tasisoft Software development services, Quality Assurance is flexible. We scale up when client needs before launch, and scale down seamlessly when the project is in the maintenance phase.

Either automated or manual, we ensure an excellent results.

The practice of Software Quality Services TASISOFTware aims to help companies to:
  • • Implement and improve their quality circuits to minimize the risk of business interruption
  • • Speed up testing processes
  • • Identify and correct deficiencies in the current methodology
  • • Maximize application quality
  • • Increase speed of production
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  • • Planning and Quality Management
  • • Functional testing
  • • Testing Non-Functional
  • • Control and Monitoring
Why Selever - Tasisoft Software QA?
  • • Quality assurance in-depth testing will continuously uncover functional issues and discrepancies, and maximizing the cost of fixing bugs.
  • • Our expertise in building detailed, exhaustive, and realistic test plans, as well as thoroughly following through with their execution, will ensure efficiency, quality, and value.
  • • Our experience in building effective cooperation between Quality Assurance Engineers, development team and the Client will allow achieving excellent quality for the initial version of the software and ensure high user acceptance.
  • • Our software quality assurance services are available as a part of software development engagements or can be retained as stand-alone.

We offer full cycle quality assurance and application testing. Dedicated QA team will perform infrastructure analysis, develop a test plan, assess automation potential, and define and execute critical test cases.

QA Tools and Technologies

Test Management Defect Tracking Performance testing and automated performance Static code analysis and dynamic
MS Visual Studio MS Visual Studio MS Visual Studio for testing MS Visual Studio for testing
Team System Team System HP QTP
Xstudio BugZilla Fitnesse
Selenium Redmine Jmeter

Quality Assurance Testing Methods

testing services
Functional Testing
  • Business Requirements QA
  • Tecnical Design QA
  • GUI check
Perfomance Testing
  • Stress
  • Loading
  • System parameter (CPU, network, RAM)
Migration and Documentation Testing
  • Initial Load Data Check
  • User guides Check

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